I’m trying out WordPress for our blog …

I’m already using Blogger and EduBlogs for my blogs but I’ve seen some blogs that looked very interesting and they were all done with WordPress.  So I’m going to give this interface a try and see if I like it any better than the other two blogging sites.

The blinds are open in the library letting me look out at the gray January skies.  It’s raining and melting the snow.  We’ll need a lot more rain to wash away the piles of snow left from December’s blizzard and the snow from a few days ago.  All the rain and melting snow are forming huge lakes of water that one must navigate through to get where one needs to go.  I’m now thinking that those rubber boots I’ve ignored in the stores might have proved to be a good purchase …

Next week is midterms for our students.  This week we have in-school midterms, too.  Good luck to everyone and remember to study hard, get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and read the directions and questions carefully to do well. 

Looking forward to the What’s New in Young Adult Literature Conference that I will be attending on January 31.  Hoping to get some recommendations for the last of my book purchases for the year.

Hope you find time in your day to read a few pages from a book of interest … and “Happy Reading!”

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1 Response to I’m trying out WordPress for our blog …

  1. Frank says:

    Looks good! Can’t wait to hear what books are recommended at the conference.

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